The Struggle is Real

Losing my Internet connection for a couple of days has totally wrecked my momentum on this blog. So might as well get the wheels turning again by writing a post about my current situation right now.


You see, I just moved to the USA a few months ago from the Philippines and have been looking for a job ever since. I initially was looking for anything close to home, even minimum wage would do just to save up on my Gaming PC that I really want. But after months of months of searching I have yet to land a job.

I have degree in New Media Design but have never worked professionally since graduating in 2013. My first job was at a call center in the Philippines and it was a sales account. I got into that job through an agency promising a “gaming account” well guess what, they lied. I took the job anyway since I knew I could speak good enough English because it was technically my first language.

Fast forward to present time, I decided to move to the USA for greener pastures since I was an US citizen anyways and we were bound to move sooner or later. Believe me, even I’m surprised on how things are playing out and I expected to get a job right a way.

So right now to hasten the process of landing a job, I am working with a career coach. He is helping me get a job in the creative industry where I belong other than settling for entry level jobs in other industries that I’ve had no luck so far.

So this is what is holding me back from what I want to do in Life! Just give me a job already please!

Any Advice you can give me? I live in California, Pittsburg to be exact.


The struggle is SO REAL,



Announcement: I’m back!

Sorry for the past couple of days. I basically had Internet problems and I really couldn’t do anything online! But no worries I’ll be back to blogging soon!


3 Songs that Make me #Writing101

So I am going to go off topic for a bit to let you know 3 of my favorite songs! I am not much of a “Music Lover” per se, but I do enjoy a couple of songs.

Songs that Make me

1. What I’ve Done – Linkin Park

This song is a song about repentance, acceptance and redemption.  I believe a lot of people can relate to this, since everyone has done something in any point of their life that they regret.

2. Queen of Hearts – We the Kings

Now this song reminds me of my Wife, the love of my Life! She is the light to my darkness.

3. Leave out all the Rest – Linkin Park

I see it as a song on success, failure and conflicts. At the end of the day you just want to be understood  by the people who matter the most. Best Linkin Park song ever!

All Songs are purchasable on Amazon! Just click the links!


Thanks for the Support! #Blogging101

Blogging is about the community.

Do you agree?

I have been a blogger, well content creator, for almost 3 years now on and off. On my old site I used to write guides on my favorite game called “Ragnarok Online”. Now, I didn’t start writing about guides right a way, it was more of a journal of what I did on that digital realm. As the blog progressed I was getting good feedback which got me really motivated to write more until I wrote quest guides which everyone loved!

I find it similar to this blog I am starting right now. I love the support the WordPress Blogging University has been giving me through likes and comments. It motivates me greatly! And I THANK YOU!

video game blogging

So the task for today is to follow 5 new topics and blogs. Here are mine.


  • #gaming
  • #video games
  • #pro-gaming
  • #esports
  • #cosplay


Check them out. I think their blogs are interesting!

See you guys around!


A Look into the Future #Writing101

Lets take a look into the future to what I want my Game Content Creator Business to be.

Imagine this.

In my house I have my own gaming studio. I see a door with a sign. “When Door is Closed, Do not Disturb. Owning Noobs”. I walk in and see my Gaming Set Up on my matte black table. A 3 monitor set up where I do my gaming in the middle screen, content editing on the left and stream essentials on my right. I see that I have a Condenser Mic and a bunch of RAZER Gear. I have the newest ANANSI and NAGA on the market all glowing at the same time.

Above that you see a mounted large screen TV where I get my inspiration from by watching Youtube, or just playing music while editing.

I also have a beautiful custom-made DXRacer chair with my branding. I love this chair it gets me through hours of recording content.

I just noticed that my walls are color green. Mainly because I use it for green screen. I have a couple of soft boxes strategically placed for lighting purposes when streaming.

Lastly, I see my console set up. It is pretty normal compared to my PC set up with just once TV and a couple of consoles(The Playstation 5 and XBOX TWO). The best part of it is the couch. This couch is so comfortable that I could sleep on it after a hard days work.

I take a look around… Now this is a Room with a view!

Gaming Studio


WordPress University #Writing101

I am currently in both Wordpress University’s “Writing and Blogging 101” and I feel that I kind of bit off more than I can chew. I already have experience blogging so I naturally gravitated towards #Blogging101 which is why I am behind on my assignments for #Writing101.

But in all honesty I am a little scared to write anything about my personal life since it kind of sucks right now. But I decided, “What the Heck?” I have you guys! The WordPress Writing and Blogging 101 students to support me. The community has been awesome so far and I don’t know why I didn’t join this years ago! I Right now it is better than my Blog on Blogger community wise and I have 14 comments on my blog Day 1.

That is so amazing!

Anyways, Here we go

Assignment # 1: Unlock the Mind

Take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.

Well if you read my first post you may probably already know that I am a Gamer. But for those who are new let me tell you a little bit about me.

I have been a gamer before I could even talk. It is a family joke that my mother hates that I play a lot of games but it was her that started all this by teaching me how to mash a button to jump!

I’ve played a lot of games and the farthest that I can recall playing as a child is this cool piece of awesomeness right here.

ninja turtle handheld


If you by any chance played or recognize this game. Your childhood was epic!

Fast forward a few years, right out of college and resigning from my first job to move to America. I am still clueless what to pursue career-wise. I am honestly all over the place and still searching for clarity.

Which brings me to this blog. “PRO GAMER START UP “. Ok ok, you may be thinking about Pro Gaming from a competitive view like Dota 2 or League of Legends right? No. I want to be an Gaming Content Creator!

What are Gaming Content Creators?

They are people who create Gaming content for Youtube, Websites or Stream on Twitch! Pewdiepie is 2nd on Youtube for most viewed and I can’t imagine how much he makes. PhantomL0rd  and TheJustinFlynn on has thousands of subscribers. These guys are making a fortune for doing the things the love.

This is what I want to be further down the road. I know it may be a childish dream to pursue but I only have one life and if I don’t at least give it a full on try, I’ll be living with those WHAT IFs.

So this is my personal journal to this dream of mine. What is your dream? I’d like to hear it in the comments below!


Welcome to the Blog!

I feel like I have done a lot of “First Posts” on many blogs before. They all start the same and eventually I lose motivation or interest and the blog just dies. Which is why I signed up for’s “Writing and Blogging 101” to help ignite that blogger in me.

Basically you get assignments to write about, which help you to find your blogging or writing style. It is my first time to join these web community workshops and it looks like a lot of fun. If you are a blogger or even an aspiring blogger this may be a great opportunity for you!

So here we go! First Post.


Hi I am Paolo, more known to the internet as Dee. I used to own a MMORPG niche website/blog. It was an awesome website where I wrote guides on Ragnarok Online which grew a decent community. It steadily grew a following and racked in 40k-50k average a month.

My long term plan was to sell Ebooks on character builds but upon researching legalities I ran into the Copyright roadblock which left me no other option but to let the site go since no money was coming in and hosting isn’t cheap. So here is where we are now.


pro gamer

I have always wanted to be a PRO Gamer. “PRO Gamer” nowadays can be a lot of things. It is not just the guys that play professionally like Dendi or Singsing. It is more broader than that. Professional Gamers also include Casters, Streamers, Content Creators even up to the game developers and testers themselves. I for one want to be a Streamer and Content Creator this has been my Dream Job for a long LONG time.

This blog/site will basically be my journal to that goal by next year Sept 15, 2015. I will write all about all aspects on reaching that goal from humble beginnings to hopeful triumphs. If you are into gaming in any way or form then be sure to check me out.

I created a Facebook Page and it is pretty bare right now though I would appreciate the LIKES. Thanks!

You can also follow me on twitter at @PJLOJO or better yet smack that Follow button on the upper right side corner!