Welcome to the Blog!

I feel like I have done a lot of “First Posts” on many blogs before. They all start the same and eventually I lose motivation or interest and the blog just dies. Which is why I signed up for WordPress.com’s “Writing and Blogging 101” to help ignite that blogger in me.

Basically you get assignments to write about, which help you to find your blogging or writing style. It is my first time to join these web community workshops and it looks like a lot of fun. If you are a blogger or even an aspiring blogger this may be a great opportunity for you!

So here we go! First Post.


Hi I am Paolo, more known to the internet as Dee. I used to own a MMORPG niche website/blog. It was an awesome website where I wrote guides on Ragnarok Online which grew a decent community. It steadily grew a following and racked in 40k-50k average a month.

My long term plan was to sell Ebooks on character builds but upon researching legalities I ran into the Copyright roadblock which left me no other option but to let the site go since no money was coming in and hosting isn’t cheap. So here is where we are now.


pro gamer

I have always wanted to be a PRO Gamer. “PRO Gamer” nowadays can be a lot of things. It is not just the guys that play professionally like Dendi or Singsing. It is more broader than that. Professional Gamers also include Casters, Streamers, Content Creators even up to the game developers and testers themselves. I for one want to be a Streamer and Content Creator this has been my Dream Job for a long LONG time.

This blog/site will basically be my journal to that goal by next year Sept 15, 2015. I will write all about all aspects on reaching that goal from humble beginnings to hopeful triumphs. If you are into gaming in any way or form then be sure to check me out.

I created a Facebook Page and it is pretty bare right now though I would appreciate the LIKES. Thanks!

You can also follow me on twitter at @PJLOJO or better yet smack that Follow button on the upper right side corner!


14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog!

  1. I love MMO’s and have played several, including Perfect World, Shaiya, Rohan and a few more I can’t remember the names of. Good luck with your new enterprise. I’ll be watching you!


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