Thanks for the Support! #Blogging101

Blogging is about the community.

Do you agree?

I have been a blogger, well content creator, for almost 3 years now on and off. On my old site I used to write guides on my favorite game called “Ragnarok Online”. Now, I didn’t start writing about guides right a way, it was more of a journal of what I did on that digital realm. As the blog progressed I was getting good feedback which got me really motivated to write more until I wrote quest guides which everyone loved!

I find it similar to this blog I am starting right now. I love the support the WordPress Blogging University has been giving me through likes and comments. It motivates me greatly! And I THANK YOU!

video game blogging

So the task for today is to follow 5 new topics and blogs. Here are mine.


  • #gaming
  • #video games
  • #pro-gaming
  • #esports
  • #cosplay


Check them out. I think their blogs are interesting!

See you guys around!