The Struggle is Real

Losing my Internet connection for a couple of days has totally wrecked my momentum on this blog. So might as well get the wheels turning again by writing a post about my current situation right now.


You see, I just moved to the USA a few months ago from the Philippines and have been looking for a job ever since. I initially was looking for anything close to home, even minimum wage would do just to save up on my Gaming PC that I really want. But after months of months of searching I have yet to land a job.

I have degree in New Media Design but have never worked professionally since graduating in 2013. My first job was at a call center in the Philippines and it was a sales account. I got into that job through an agency promising a “gaming account” well guess what, they lied. I took the job anyway since I knew I could speak good enough English because it was technically my first language.

Fast forward to present time, I decided to move to the USA for greener pastures since I was an US citizen anyways and we were bound to move sooner or later. Believe me, even I’m surprised on how things are playing out and I expected to get a job right a way.

So right now to hasten the process of landing a job, I am working with a career coach. He is helping me get a job in the creative industry where I belong other than settling for entry level jobs in other industries that I’ve had no luck so far.

So this is what is holding me back from what I want to do in Life! Just give me a job already please!

Any Advice you can give me? I live in California, Pittsburg to be exact.


The struggle is SO REAL,