A Look into the Future #Writing101

Lets take a look into the future to what I want my Game Content Creator Business to be.

Imagine this.

In my house I have my own gaming studio. I see a door with a sign. “When Door is Closed, Do not Disturb. Owning Noobs”. I walk in and see my Gaming Set Up on my matte black table. A 3 monitor set up where I do my gaming in the middle screen, content editing on the left and stream essentials on my right. I see that I have a Condenser Mic and a bunch of RAZER Gear. I have the newest ANANSI and NAGA on the market all glowing at the same time.

Above that you see a mounted large screen TV where I get my inspiration from by watching Youtube,  Twitch.tv or just playing music while editing.

I also have a beautiful custom-made DXRacer chair with my branding. I love this chair it gets me through hours of recording content.

I just noticed that my walls are color green. Mainly because I use it for green screen. I have a couple of soft boxes strategically placed for lighting purposes when streaming.

Lastly, I see my console set up. It is pretty normal compared to my PC set up with just once TV and a couple of consoles(The Playstation 5 and XBOX TWO). The best part of it is the couch. This couch is so comfortable that I could sleep on it after a hard days work.

I take a look around… Now this is a Room with a view!

Gaming Studio